Grade 9 Outdoor Pursuits

Grade 9 Outdoor Pursuits.

The grade 9s had the wonderful opportunity of learning how to paddle on the Kaaimans River. Under the supervision of Mr Jooste (Deputy Headmaster and River Guide) and Rochè Schoeman (River Guide and Philanthropist), they had to participate in difficult challenges that tested both physical strength as well as their ability to work together as a team. Challenges included facing fears of heights, stacking boat towers in deep waters and swimming across the ravine.

All participants in this outdoor pursuit thoroughly enjoyed themselves and saw this as a chance to grow both individually and as a grade. Each grade exceeded expectations and thrived in the activities. Their ability to unite towards a common goal was commendable and speaks a lot for the quality of students that York High School has to offer.

Based on their achievements there will be exciting years ahead. Well done Grade 9s!