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Matric Advice 2016

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Matric Guidelines for our 2016 Learners

Our York High Matrics 2016 are scarce on the streets of George due to the fact that finals are just around the corner and writing Matric impacts not only on the learner, but also on the whole family.  News24 and Parent24 recently released some extremely good advice which may well be worth reading.  They have covered all aspects of writing matric which are summarised below :

Old Papers
Perhaps one of the most tried and tested ways of making sure you are ready for your exam.  Not only are you able to identify problem areas, but you can also see if you are able to complete the paper in the allocated time.
Click here for a list of papers

The NSC timetable
No doubt you all have your timetables and know exactly when you are writing.  However, if in doubt Click here to double check.

Create a study timetable
Make sure every hour of the day is accounted for.  Download the study timetable in order to track and plan every day.

Matric study guides
If you haven’t got them already download free study guides for maths and maths literacy, courtesy of Via Afrika.

Study and exam tips
Using Flashcards to study effectively
Matric achievers from 2015 share some study tips
Tips for keeping the stress of exams at a minimum
How to cope with and recognise extreme stress symptoms
More advice on how to optimise studying
Don’t cram! And other exam tips

Supporting your York High learner
Make sure they eating the correct food
Limit the pressure
Ways to support your child

Good luck to our learners writing Matric.  You have been in a fortunate position to have some of the best education in South Africa and we are confident that you will do well.