Message from the Headmaster

Mr Moll

Mr Moll

Looking back over 2016 I am humbled by the achievements of Yorkies in a wide variety of activities.  As we head into our 42st year it is fitting that we pay tribute to those who laid the foundations for what York is today.  We believe that the key elements which were present when York started – such as the emphasis on family, on independent thinking, on academic excellence, on all-round participation and on community are still at the forefront of our minds.

We need to measure ourselves against the core values of the school.  In an age which is increasingly technological, where information is changing at an alarming rate and where instant reward is the order of the day, it is critical to centre true education around these values.

To those who do everything they can to follow these values, my thanks – you are the heart and soul of York.

Good luck to all our Yorkies for 2017 and may the year be a prosperous one filled with fun and success.

F M Moll