Our Vision is to continue to be a centre of excellence in secondary education in the Southern Cape.


Our Mission is to equip each learner to realise his/her full potential by focusing on academic achievement, extra-curricular participation and the development of appropriate life skills required to meet any future challenges. This will require:

  • Academic proficiency: It is imperative that each learner contributes to a healthy working atmosphere in the school and that he/she learns to think for himself/herself.
  • Character training: Through participation in sport, academic service and cultural activities, each learner must develop a rounded and balanced personality. We encourage our young people to be less selfish, more considerate and spiritually more aware.
  • Self-discipline: By encouraging self-discipline, York hopes to provide a basis of moral values and standards of behaviour to cope with the demands of contemporary life. These aims will require a dedicated approach from learners, staff and parents. Through goodwill and teamwork, we shall achieve our aims and produce young men and women who not only enjoy York while at school, but who look forward to preserving the link as past learners.


At York we strive to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment in which we:

  • Develop the learner’s commitment to learning
  • Develop the learner’s self-respect and self-knowledge
  • Develop the learner’s sense of community and social responsibility
  • Prepare the learners for successful independence
  • Develop learners who are well educated and well qualified

To achieve these aims, all our work is based upon a set of principles – our shared beliefs, values and attitudes to education at York High School.