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York High School talent

On the 28th of April, York High’s headmaster, Mr Francois Moll, hosted ‘The Voice’, a singing competition with contestants from all grades.

The coaches for the night were all local women with varied and vast experience in music.  When commenting about talent, one of the coaches, Linette Peterson said, “If it’s there, then I’m there” to one of the students on her team.

“I could feel your soul,” said coach Dr Ronell van Aswegen to another contestant.  Coaches, Amy Mamakoko and Susan Steyn also contributed kind and constructive comments.

Abigail Kolbe won ‘The Voice of 2022’ with a song ‘Never Enough’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ which she had never sung in front of an audience before. “I never thought about doing it until I attempted it,” she said.   Abigail is a young girl with a bright future and has already started writing her own songs.

Mr Moll encouraged all talented singers to find the courage to enter this competition next year.

As always, York’s twelve young voices shone so brightly – the talent was undeniable!


Matthia Smith