Real Life Week

York is very proud of Real Life Week that has been an annual event for many years. The idea of Real Life Week is to introduce the York Learners to a variety of events that will teach them about real life situations. The Grade 8 learners have a week with the theme “Learn to Give”. We are privileged as a school and a community to be blessed daily. The idea is to teach the learners crafts where they make items to give to pre-primary schools, the aged and underprivileged in our community. In grade 9 the emphasis is to expose the learners to life skills such as changing the tires on a car, replacing spark plugs, how to work with electrical plugs and basic sewing. The Grade 10 learners go on a camp where they have to learn to problem solve, work in teams and appreciate nature. Grade 11 is the culmination of real life week in which the Grade 11s have to job shadow for a week with a company similar to their chosen future career.