Fund Raising Committee

York High School Fundraising Committee

Fund Raising Committee

The York Fund Raising Committee (FRC) co-ordinated and executed many fund-raising events in

We ran the tuck shop at the Athletics day in the first term, providing snacks and eats to our
students and parents, and then in the second term, the well-known International Evening. We managed and supported food stalls selling traditional foods from difference countries, ably run by many parents. We are so grateful to all who played a role in the success of this event, including our sponsors. We really try to motivate interaction between parents, students and teachers. Everyone is welcome and we get visitors from all over the Garden Route area.

The HUNGA BUSTA day is one of the days the students of York look forward to. This year, we made and sold approximately 200 hamburgers, and other food, within a short break during school hours. There seems to be no end to the queues of learners waiting for burgers and somehow we never seem to have enough!

There were two cultural activities on this year: the play, “a Knight to remember” in June and the
Cabaret show, “Disney Cabaret” in August. During these events – 3 nights each – we sold
coffee, tea and puddings, as well as tuck shop snacks during break times.

In the third term, there was the hockey Derby, where we managed a food stall at the quarry and a
tuck shop at the school to provide eats to parents, students and visitors. Also, we hosted the “matric pre-drinks” event on the matric farewell evening, at Tramonto. We provided the matric couples, their parents and teachers an opportunity to mingle and spend a short time together before moving on to Fancourt. We decorated the hall at Tramonto and with the help of a group of moms and eager, hardworking Gr 11 students, we created a beautiful venue for the matrics and their parents, with beautiful photo opportunities and a professional photographer.

The last FRC event was the golf day. We helped with set-up, registration and with selling raffle tickets at the event. We also raised funds through the MySchool program and aim to grow this project in 2019.

The York Fund Raising committee is a group of working parents and this year, we had some eager students in to help. We raise funds that are used towards school developments for our students, and by co-ordinating these events we provide a service to the visitors of York High at school events and we work together as a family towards the future of our children.

We look forward to new parents joining in 2019. This is a great opportunity to be part of the Yorkie family and to get involved in school and education. All are welcome to join us!

Zelda du Plessis