Why a Fundraising Appeal

Although YHS is officially a state school, it receives only around one fifth of its current funding from the Education Department. These funds are sufficient to cover a little less than half of the salary bill for the staffing at YHS. The remainder of the funding of the school is derived from the school fees paid by parents. While these fees do sustain the operational needs, as well as additional educator salaries, it does, unfortunately not cover the costs of meaningful capital expenditure that is required to maintain and improve the school’s facilities. An alternative would be to increase school fees dramatically, but that would label the school as elitist, a route not sought by the SGB. The only alternative is to seek outside funding. This appeal for financial contributions from the alumni of YHS, parents old and new, and corporate donors is very necessary if the school is to maintain its status as a leading educational institution in the area. Strategic planning over the past 3 years has identified the following major projects to be undertaken to expand and improve the facilities in line with the vision to maintain York High School’s status as a school of excellence.