Peer Education

Peer Education is about unleashing the potential of young people to transform their lives and their communities. It’s about restoring dignity, hope and vision. It’s about young people realising their value and being empowered to make informed decisions about the challenges they face. It’s about equipping influential young people to impact their peers through positive peer pressure.

York High School’s Peer Education group comprises of about 80 dedicated scholars from grades 9-12. The Juniors meet on Tuesdays, the Seniors on Wednesday and the Mentors on Thursdays. The core values of Peer Education are to ensure that York students have a support base and have access to knowledge not always available. After all, students learn best from their fellow students. The main subjects that Peer Education covers are leadership, HIV AIDS, teenage pregnancy amongst other community problems and advocacy. The program is based on the GOLD program ( which aims to mentor young people into responsible young adults. Peer Education or ‘Peer Ed’ as it is fondly called amongst learners is about students working together closely hand in hand with the staff involved.  This makes the program dynamic and a great asset to the warm environment that is York High. We look forward to mentoring learners for many years to come. Stay up to date with what we are doing by liking our Facebook page: