Check….check mate….and the winner?

York High chess family will always be winners!

We have more than enough Kings, Queens, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Pawns in the York High family.  And, like every single chess piece is necessary to succeed in a game of chess, so is every single York High learner important in York High.  Every learner makes a difference, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of their fellow York High learners, and in the community.

Author Allan Rufus said: “Life is like a game of chess – To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each and every piece within the game called life.”


Chess, the game of life, is a game where every decision made has an impact on the rest of your game. One bad move and your entire game is ruined or at least, it makes it hard to recover from that bad choice.

The game of chess is primarily made up of skill, patience, and forethought.


Life is much the same. Each move is designed in a systematic manner. One move with the right piece can set you up for success, while one wrong move can begin a downward spiral in which it will be hard to save your pieces, and yourself. Forethought is important. Looking ahead and recognizing the potential outcome of actions will create a higher percentage of doing well (in chess, but also in life).  Patience allows one to slow down and fully review the whole board, or any situation in your life. It develops a positive attitude towards the future, thinking ahead with clarity and certainty.


Chess develops excellent qualities in individuals, which cut across intellectual, age and language barriers.  It is a tool to develop problem solving. It has stood the test of time and even new technology driven games have not killed the game of chess.  During 2021, technology was used to keep our chess players in the “game”.


Tournaments that usually take 6 months to complete, had to be done in 3 weeks.  As always, some of our chess players excelled.  They are Sharna Prince (Western Cape schools chess tournament), Aiden Jacobs (Western Cape chess schools tournament), and Jaden Valentine (Eden chess schools tournament).  Well done!


The rest of the York chess family didn’t sit still either.  When the opportunity presented itself (when Covid allowed us to get together at school), we were busy either playing or practising against each other, or taking the advice of coach Terry.


Every decision you make today will have an impact on your future, regardless of where you fit in this game of life.  Sometimes we make decisions fully believing that it is our best decision and it ends up being the worst decision we could have made. What’s important though is how fast we are willing to get back up and start again. Each piece has to keep moving. Mistakes are made and learnt from.  Such is the game of life.


We will enter 2022 with all the new skills we’ve learned and with all the connections we have established during 2021.   As in chess, one cannot face any hardship completely on our own.  We need each other: in difficult times, to comfort each other, and in good times, to celebrate each other.  And, during 2022, we will do just that.  Be there for each other, as we’ve always been.

Chess love.