Girls Hockey

We have five teams in the school league. Our 1st Girls’ Hockey team participates in all Derbies and in the ladies adult league. They are coached by Diane Jonker (for the last 5 years) and her talent and enthusiasm to keep York on the map is invaluable. They were the winners of the ladies league in 2012, runners-up in 2013 and winners in 2014. The Girls’ hockey has taken root and grown from year to year! The challenges, the losses and the wins have become invaluable lessons to our girls! Here at York we are striving for a sporting excellence!

Pietie Coetzee Clinic

The 1st and U16A squads have had the incredible opportunity this year to be coached by Pietie Coetzee over 2 days.  Even a slight splattering of rain did not detract from the benefits of being coached by this incredible South African Hockey player.  Pietie took the girls through aerial skills, use of aerial skills in dodging, passing techniques, defending and channeling.  It’s now time for each and every girl to take the extra time to practice.

“The coaching was excellent and a lot of new skills were learnt.  Truly thankful that I got the opportunity to learn from the best!” – Cara Kaboni

“Having Pietie Coetzee coaching us was such a great experience.  We definitely all agreed that we learnt so much and she made it even better with her great sense of humor and encouragement!” – Alex Solomon

Thanks to Mrs Zeta Booysen for organising this.