The 2021 Netball Season started with very excited and hardworking 1st team girls.  They were ready for the season and ready to take on any team.  The first match was against Woodridge, and the team was prepared for a hard, competitive match.

Woodridge had played a few matches before they played us.  So, we were concerned because this was our first match for the season.  To my surprise the 1st Team played an excellent game.  They stuck to the game plan and enjoyed a convincing win with a final score of 26/17.

We were so excited for the rest of the season and games to come, but Covid struck and the Netball season came to an end.

We were all saddened by these heart-breaking circumstances because what could have been an excellent Netball season, ended far too soon, with only one game played.

I commend the girls for the hard work they put in and the way they accepted the end of the season.

We look forward to 2022 and believe that we will continue with the strength we established in 2021.


Fast Five Houses Tournament

… participating and having fun …

In celebration of sport participation being allowed, a decision was made to kick off term 4 with a Fast Five Houses Tournament. This event aimed to build some school spirit and to remind learners of the fun they used to have, participating in sporting activities. If having fun wasn’t enough encouragement to participate, then the awesome prizes from Foodz definitely did the trick.

Each house was allowed to enter as many teams as they wanted, consisting of 10 learners per team: 3 senior girls, 3 boys, 2 under-14 girls and 2 under-15 girls. Windsor and Stuart each entered 1 team, Lancaster entered 2 teams, but Tudor went all out and entered 3 teams!

The umpires, Miss Jolene, Mrs Petra, Miss Eloff and Mrs Gerber, really had to give it their all to keep up with this fast-paced tournament, as all the teams were ‘in it to win it’!

As the judge for the individual prizes, Ms Wentzel kept scribbling away every day during the tournament. After the first day, she thought she had quite a good idea of the individuals who might stand a chance to win prizes, however, things got complicated during day 2 of the tournament when every player brought their best game to the courts. The boys especially, brought a very competitive and fast pace to the game. Our judge had an extremely hard time in deciding which boys should be prizewinners.


In the end, after much debating and head scratching, the individual prizes were awarded as follows:


Player Prize won for House
1. Oyena Ngcozela Spirit & Sportsmanship: Junior Girls Windsor
2. Tiana van Wyk Spirit & Sportsmanship: Senior Girls Tudor
3. Butsha Gora Spirit & Sportsmanship: Boys Windsor
4. Azola Mbaxa Spirit & Sportsmanship: Boys Tudor
5. Uyo Mkhwemkwe Best player: Junior Girls Stuart
6. Imihle Mlumbi Best player: Senior Girls Stuart
7. Tema Ntloko Best player: Senior Girls Tudor
8. Lutho Hlekiso Best player: Boys Tudor
9. Inga Jijingubo Best player: Boys Tudor



Shaun Nicholas

Luvo Fongqo

Best player: Boys

Best player: Boys




The team that scratched, clawed and bumped (sometimes literally) their way to the top was Windsor, beating Tudor by a mere 1 point. Windsor received the distinct honour of going up against the Staff Dream Team. During the intense battle, the tall boy players of Windsor were instrumental in conquering the staff, winning by just 2 points. Mr Meyer was awarded the ‘man of the match’ for the staff team. The umpires, Mrs Barnard and Mrs Petra really had their job cut out for them during this exciting game.

We hope for much more excitement like this in 2022!