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York High School Stats

Last year our theme was about reconnection after the COVID-hit 2020.

I think it would be fair to say that we did not entirely succeed in our hopes and dreams behind that theme. Learners, staff and parents were still caught in a vortex of confusing, contradictory information, emotions and a wave of events that came at us without much warning, such as the violence throughout the country, leaving us feeling helpless and hopeless in many cases. All this has led to the world sliding into more of a victim mentality. Anything that was poorly done or not done at all was “COVID’S fault”. We assumed a more passive role and at school that meant disengaging from the very activities and people that give us our identity. WE NEED TO WAKE UP from this semi-enforced slumber and start doing! We have focused on values and spent a great deal of time navel-gazing but now we need a call to action. This is our singular life, this is our environment, this is our community and this is the school that we will hand over to the coming generations. So, we will do, we will dance, we will exercise our minds, bodies and souls, we will set ourselves worthwhile personal goals and we will not be put off by critics who snipe lazily from the side. We will take back our future and relaunch our dreams. In short, we want to say with real conviction: “I like to move it, move it!” Join us – if you dare! FMM

Heart and Soul

"Take Root and Grow" is the motto of York High School.
    • Academics - Matric Pass rate98%
    • Sport - kids actively doing sport89%
    • Culture91%



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