At our school, we believe in community outreach and service because it enriches both our students and our community. It instils a sense of unity, empathy, and responsibility in our learners, offering practical opportunities for personal growth and real-world application of their skills. This commitment to service not only strengthens our community but also cultivates in our students a lifelong dedication to social responsibility, shaping them into valuable contributors to a more compassionate society.

Enviro Club

The Enviro Club is for Yorkies who want to be involved in caring for the environment and all its creatures.  We meet every Tuesday and Thursday to live out this mission.

Tuesdays are spent at school and involves a variety of activities:

Recycle gets sorted (the school has a white paper drive where every class has a bin for it), eco-bricks are made (removing plastic and foil from ending up in the garbage dump), bottle tops and bread tags are sorted (all classrooms have containers for these items) to be taken to our contact of the Sweetheart foundation, different plants are grown from seeds or potted, we help maintain the gardens at school and we have our own Enviro Club/Bio garden where we are planting and caring for a variety of plants.

Thursdays we go out to the Botanical garden (working in their Propagation garden, on the Mount, to learn about ringbarking and helping in various other areas of the garden) or to ODIN (here we wash, walk and play with the dogs, give the cats some attention, fill up holes or just help where ever there is a need) or we go the Quarry to do planting of Spekboom and do some weeding or we go plant veggie gardens where needed.

Animal Club

‘Those who know better, do better.’ The York High Animal club is a group of dedicated animal lovers who work to educate themselves and others about animal related issues. We are involved in an education program in local primary schools and rural areas. We also invite guest speakers to teach us about animals and issues that affect them. In addition to this, our learners are committed to helping the community through distribution of dog food in underprivileged areas and a sterilization programme aimed at lowering the rate of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Interact Club

York High School’s Interact Club is a self-supporting and self-governing organisation which receives sponsorship and guidance from the George Rotary Club. The Interact Club brings learners together in fellowship whilst developing their leadership skills and affording them the opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service activities in the wider George community. Through this Interactors discover the power and joy of ‘SERVICE ABOVE SELF’

These thoughtful and committed young people successfully make changes in the lives of others. These changes could be as small as putting a smile on someone else’s face by giving them treats such as Easter Eggs or a cupcake on Valentine’s Day to hosting a Christmas party for fifty learners from previously disadvantaged areas.

Food Drives

At York High School, we extend a helping hand to both our students and the broader community by actively participating in a compassionate initiative.

We come together to prepare nutritious sandwiches and ProNutro for those in need. This heartwarming effort underscores our commitment to making a positive impact on the well-being of our school and the community at large.

Real Life Week

York is very proud of Real Life Week which has been an annual event for many years. The idea of Real Life Week is to introduce York learners to a variety of events that will teach them about real-life situations.

Grade 8 and 9 students engage in projects that not only deepen their understanding of real-life scenarios but also allow them to contribute positively to the community. Meanwhile, Grade 10 students go on a camp adventure focused on team building and much more, and Grade 11 students gain valuable insights into their prospective careers through job shadowing experiences.

Pastoral Panel

The Pastoral Panel at York High School is the heartbeat of the school’s pastoral system. Their mission? To ensure that every student feels cared for and connected to the school community. These dedicated students engage with their peers, bridging gaps and fostering a sense of belonging. Their efforts extend far beyond the classroom, nurturing an atmosphere of warmth and inclusion. York High School’s Pastoral Panel is a shining example of how a group of dedicated students can create an environment of immense kindness within their school. Their tireless efforts remind us that, regardless of the challenges we face, we can always choose to be kind, to be compassionate, and to uplift one another.

Heart of the School
At the heart of our school lies this pastoral system. It is the beating heart that makes our school different. Our belief in the importance of nurturing not just the intellect but also the emotional and social well-being of our learners. Our goal is clear: to create an environment where every student feels protected, cared for, and supported.

In a world where the demands on students are ever-increasing, we are proud to stand as a beacon of compassion and understanding. Our pastoral system is not just a program; it’s a philosophy that defines our school’s identity. We believe that, with the right support, our learners can conquer any challenge and achieve their full potential. In the end, it’s this commitment to the holistic development of our students that makes our school truly exceptional.