At York High School, the Visual Arts program thrives as a vibrant hub of creativity and expression. Through a diverse range of mediums and techniques, students have the opportunity to explore their artistic voices and develop their skills. The art studio is a dynamic space where students are encouraged to experiment, take risks, and push the boundaries of their creativity. Our students not only acquire technical proficiency but also gain a deeper appreciation for the power of visual storytelling. The Visual Arts program at York High School fosters a rich and inspiring environment where young artists can flourish and leave their mark on the world through their unique artistic visions.

At York High School, we believe it’s crucial to take our Visual Arts learners on art tours. These excursions provide students with firsthand exposure to diverse artistic expressions and cultures, igniting their creativity and deepening their appreciation for the arts. Art tours enrich their skills, encourage critical thinking, and cultivate cultural sensitivity, shaping well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in the world of visual arts and beyond.


Dance at York is done both during school as a subject, Dance Studies, and after school as an extra mural, ‘Let’s Dance.’ ‘Let’s Dance’ gives students the opportunity to improve their technique in Jazz, Contemporary dance, Ballet, and African dance. York has a 1st Team dance, a senior and junior team allowing the dance department to function on a beginner, intermediate and advanced level of dance. Dancers are given opportunities to take part in our annual shows, musicals, cabarets, eisteddfods, and collaborations with other dance studios within the town. The students are also encouraged to serve as part of the production team, choreography, and teaching.


York High School has a long tradition of putting on a yearly production, either a play or a musical. Some of our most memorable shows are “Tom, Dick and Harry” – 2023, “Aladdin the Musical” – 2022, “Annie get your gun the Musical” – 2019, “The Danes of our lives” – 2018, “Hairspray the Musical” – 2017, “Chase me Comrade” – 2016, “Mama Mia the musical” – 2015.

We have tremendously talented learners at York High who are involved in acting, singing, dancing and playing instruments. These all culminate in our musicals. We pride ourselves in developing the different skills involved in theatre: acting, directing, backstage work, technical work and costuming so that our learners can work independently.

The Drama Club is a fun group that meets once a week. We learn about acting, directing, improvisation, etc. – all through games and fun activities. But it’s not all fun – we work very hard to put on a One Act Play during the first term, and we participate in the yearly Shakespeare Festival held at the George Arts Theatre in September. Some of the productions we have done are “Ernie’s Incredible Illuminations”, “The Do It Yourself Frankenstein Outfit”, “Macbeth”, “The Taming of the Shrew”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Twelfth Night”. It is very gratifying to see budding young actors develop and grow in confidence.


York High has a proud reputation in music, having produced many professional musicians, composers and competition winners over the years. Our department encourages the playing of any instrument in classical, folk, jazz or rock styles.

Permanent staff teaches piano, voice and woodwinds while currently, part-time experts teach guitar, strings, percussion and brass. Learners may take music as a specialist subject from Grade 8.

Debate Club

Debate Club meets once a week to develop students’ communication skills, build confidence and strengthen critical thinking. Our debate topics range from light-hearted and entertaining topics to serious issues that impact our youth and global community. Debate sharpens students’ argumentative and articulation skills in a collaborative and supportive environment that helps them to broaden their perspectives and engagement with the wider world. 

Public Speaking

Public Speaking provides learners with the opportunity to participate in several national competitions throughout the year. From novices to skilled speakers, every learner has the chance to enhance their speaking ability, explore topics that they are passionate about and boost their confidence. Every year, York has several learners who progress to the national rounds of various competitions and inspire those around them with their eloquent, insightful ideas.  

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