York is a centre of secondary excellence in South Africa. It will need to continue to be this in order for the English-speaking community in George and surrounds to thrive. York will continue to be true to its ethos and climate which celebrates the unique talents, culture and heart of each learner.

As we move further into the 21st Century, York will move even more into the space of Digital Literacy with some increased interest in programming and coding, we will develop more opportunities around entrepreneurship and investment for learners and we will consider a technical component at the school and we will further strengthen our Mathematics and Science programs.

In addition to this, we wish to create more connections with the outside world for our learners through seminars, conferences and multi-media teaching in a large-group format.

While these are fostered in the classroom, it is really in the co-curricular and extra-mural programs and when the entire school comes together that the values become entrenched and that allows York to continue to produce alumni who contribute to adult life by leading lives of significance.

As a centre of excellence in South African education, it is vital for York, amongst other schools, to thrive in order for the Southern Cape to be a beacon that continues to lead and shine a light for the country as a whole.

Multi-Purpose Centre

York’s new multi-purpose centre will lie at the heart of so much that we wish to do as a school. First and foremost, it will be a meeting place for the whole school – something which we are not able to do at the moment. Juniors will see award ceremonies and seniors will be able to be role models, staff will be able to project the ethos and values that bind the school together, helping to enhance the family feel that so characterizes York.

The academic uses of the centre will be many and varied: from being a venue for the Matric exams (we are fast running out of space to do this in the old Hall) to hosting the National Benchmark Tests used for University entrance. The space will also be used creatively for lectures, whole-group workshops, Corporate Days for Business learners, staff development, learner and staff conferences and educational input for the parent body and the wider community. The space also lends itself as a venue for the Drama component of the Creative Arts program and as a performance venue for Dance and Music – key components in York’s academic (and extra-mural) curriculum.

The multi-purpose centre will also be a hub for other cultural and sporting activities. At this stage, negotiations are well underway for the centre to be the home of Southern Cape Schools indoor hockey which means that learners from the wider areas of Eden, such as Plettenberg Bay and Oudtshoorn, will not have to travel to Mossel Bay but be closer to home.

The adult hockey fraternity may well use the venue as well thereby providing opportunities for development in the wider community. Other sports will include cricket, netball, climbing and general gym work. Clearly, this will also benefit the Physical Education component of Life Orientation.

Current plans include a conditioning coach and programme for all interested learners and the possibility of a gym facility open to the community at certain times.
Finally, with its capacity to seat up to 1500 people, it will become a desirable venue for concerts, productions and large ceremonies.

We believe that we will look back in a few years and ask ourselves how it was possible that we managed without such a facility, and be forever grateful to those who made such a facility available, so that not only York, but the wider community could continue to take root, thrive and grow.