York High Hostel

The moment we as a family stepped into the hostel, it felt like home.  I’m so thankful to everyone who has made 2021 a memorable experience.

A big thank you to the managing team of the hostel. Mrs. Fourie, our caterer, and Mrs. Philander, her assistant, together with the kitchen staff, are a winning team!  Mrs Fourie manages the kitchen smoothly with dedication and an unassuming nature. In the preparing of the food, the kitchen staff make sure we can taste the love and effort that they put into every meal.  And they always serve with a smile.

To Mrs. Terblanche, the hostel pods “Mom’s taxi”: a big thank you for being my right hand and the hostel pods carer.  You are always prepared to give your all to our hostel pods, day and night, and for that, I salute you.  Keep on making the hostel a better place for all.

To “Tannie” Petra and her cleaning staff: how do we say thank you to ladies who give their all day by day?  The hostel is always immaculately clean, and you are so proud of your rooms.  Thank you for caring for the hostel pods and covering for them when they don’t keep their rooms neat. 

A special thank you to the dedicated Duty Staff who must ensure the discipline and academic work of the hostel pods is maintained. It’s heart-warming to walk into the study hall and see the Duty Staff busy helping learners with Mathematics and their other homework.  

To Mr Gosling and Miss Eloff, my thanks for your support and positive response to every extra duty needed. You create a positive energy on the corridors and give me a peace of mind that the hostel pods will be cared for after 10 o’clock when the doors are locked.

My family is my pillar that supports me when things are tough.  Luzaan has endured a lot this year, but is an example to a lot of us.  My thanks for your support and willingness to do duty if I need someone to step in.  My husband “Uncle T”, has stepped in and been a dad to the boys.  They respect him and appreciate his quiet, unassuming nature.  We thought that as a family, we would sacrifice a lot, but we have gained more than we have sacrificed.  I am so grateful for all the effort to make the hostel a home away from home for the hostel pods.

Tremendous thanks to Mr. Moll whose door is always open, and for his constant support.  Also, to Mr. Garth Duminee and the hostel Committee, for believing in me and for all your positive input this year. I am very grateful to Mr. Duminee, for his service as Head of the Committee. He was an extremely positive leader and parent for the hostel.  

The Head students of 2021 have been a great support – they have had to deal with a lot this year, but have stayed positive and lived out their matric year at the hostel, doing their duties with pride and diligence.  They will be remembered and cherished always.

The Matrics of 2021 had a lot of challenges.  They had to miss out a lot as Grade 12’s at school, but at the hostel, they could live out their Gr 12 year.  May I send you on your way with this quote by T.D. Jakes “The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher.  Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.”  

Congratulations to the Grade 10’s for an “Extravaganza” Boarder Banquet!  You have surprised us with your various talents and organizational skills.  I commend you for the effort that you put in. The fact that from the start of the evening everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves, showed that you created an atmosphere for all to enjoy.  I was extremely proud of you.

To the rest of the hostel pods: thank you for accepting my family, me and especially Tjokkie and Coco.  I know it was difficult to have a new Superintendent with new rules and new ideas, but you accepted it and adapted, respecting yourselves, others and the system.  I look forward to 2022 and I know that together we will overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Thank you to the parents for trusting me to be a mom to your most valuable treasures, for your support and understanding when things got tough.  I appreciate you and all your contributions. 


Gr 8 – 11
R8, 620.00 per term invoiced over 4 terms


R11 500.00 term 1

R11 500.00 term 2

R11 480.00 term 3

Contact Details :

House Master   :  Santi Barnard

044 874 4079


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