York High Hostel strives to be an extension of York’s mission to be a centre of excellence but also to remain a home away from home. Every learner is important to us in body, soul and spirit.

The hostel and all staff involved with the boarders aim for the following:

  • to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which individuals can flourish, be afforded adequate privacy to be free from intimidation and discrimination and where healthy diversity is encouraged. This should lead to a healthy community, based on mutual respect and an inclusive sense of belonging.
  • to provide ample opportunities for physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social development and to promote the concept of balance.
  • to encourage initiative and the development of leadership skills, based always on an understanding of the responsibilities which accompany privilege and the need to serve. This is to be achieved by encouraging self-discipline, independence, the development of confidence and a real sense of self–worth.
  • to support and encourage open and honest communication between pupils and staff.
  • to encourage parents to be close partners in the holistic education of their children and to provide adequate opportunities which allow for this.

Why York High Hostel?

  • We have a matron whose focus is the wellbeing of the learners. Mrs Terblanche stays in the hostel and is always available. The male staff member living on the boys’ floor is a young man who understands how teenagers think and feel.  His passion is working with the youth.   We are also privileged to have a young lady who stays on the girls’ side and helps the learners with extra Mathematics and Science lessons.    Both have the best interest of our hostel pods at heart.
  • Mrs Fourie, the Kitchen Manager, has many years of experience. The menu is carefully selected, always considering learners’ input.  A wide selection of options is available daily and provides for special diets.  Small perks like filter water, machine coffee and juice are freely available.
  • Our cleaning ladies service the dorms, bathrooms and dining hall every day. Having a clean environment is one of our main priorities.


Children who are involved and have opportunities to have fun, are happy.  That’s why we invest in nice-to-haves. Our hostel has:

  • a fresh coat of paint – inside and outside.
  • a swimming pool for all to use.
  • two pool tables and two table-tennis sets.
  • a beautiful dining hall.
  • a huge soccer field where competitive tournaments take place.
  • a piano for music learners to practise and for social enjoyment.
  • a computer room for learners to do their assignments.
  • free Wi-Fi for investigations and homework.


Lastly, we are close to town, which means it is easy for learners to access materials needed from the shops.

We want our hostel pods to be involved in the school’s activities, therefore they must attend an activity twice a week.  We provide lunch packs for them when they must stay at school for an activity.

Their academic achievement is very important to us.  If hostel pods improve by 8% on their average, they may study in their rooms.  We also have an academic panel consisting of learners who are prepared to assist learners who are struggling.

The main rule in York High Hostel is respect yourself, respect others, and respect the system.

We believe that the York High Hostel extends the existing opportunities for the growth and development of our children.


Mrs Santie Barnard