York High School



Damien Nezar

Damien Nezar matriculated at York High in 2020 and in July 2021 departed for the USA to start his tennis career as a scholarship athlete at Campbell University in North Carolina. He is currently completing his third year (Aug 2023-May 2024) and is working towards a Business degree (Marketing Major), with graduation set for Spring 2025 (May). Following his 4-year tennis eligibility, he would like to continue his studies in the USA with a Masters degree in Business Science.

He is working hard towards this goal and since his tenure started at the university he has been recognised athletically and academically for his performance every year, together with his teammates. Damien is honoured to head up the Men’s tennis team at Campbell University for a third straight season and looks forward to another year of great friendships and experiences on and off the court, where they all share a great sense of camaraderie.

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