York High School



Steve Joubert

Steve Joubert graduated from York High in 1996. Following his schooling, he embarked on an overseas journey, taking up a position at Harrod’s in London within the retail sales division. After a span of several years abroad, he returned to George in the year 2000. Back home, he became an integral part of his father’s entrepreneurial endeavor—a modest tile establishment named Stiles. Starting from the bottom, under his father’s guidance, Steve gradually ascended the organizational ladder, working diligently side by side with him.

Fueling his enthusiasm for the enterprise, Steve’s dedication knew no bounds. Eventually, the mantle of leadership was entrusted to him, and he assumed the role of managing the business autonomously. Over time, Stiles underwent a remarkable transformation. What once began as a diminutive tile shop situated in George burgeoned into a prominent national entity, boasting 11 expansive showrooms sprawled across the country.

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